1. That's My Baby

2. My Love

3. Wonderful World

4. Softly Spoken

5. Even More

6. Moonlight at 3:00

7. Lido Isle Sunrise

8. Starpower

9. Rugged Cross

10. Reverie at Bodega Bay

11. Believe

  • The My Love Chamber Orchestra

  • Mix and Mastering by Hiroto Kobayashi

  • Westlake Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA

Alex Al - bass guitar

(from Michael Jackson)

Moyes Lucas - drums

(from Kenny G)

Munyungo Jackson - percussion

(from Stevie Wonder)

John "Big Pocket" Hart - bass guitar

(from Yolanda Adams)

Julie Rogers - violin

(from Hundreds of Motion Picture Soundtracks)

Anna Choi - flute

(from Tokyo Symphony)