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1. That's My Baby

2. My Love

3. Wonderful World

7. Lido Isle Sunrise

8. Starpower

9. Rugged Cross

4. Softly Spoken

10. Reverie at Bodega Bay

5. Even More

11. Believe

6. Moonlight at 3:00


Alex Al - bass guitar

(from Michael Jackson)

Moyes Lucas - drums

(from Kenny G)

Munyungo Jackson - percussion

(from Stevie Wonder)

John "Big Pocket" Hart - bass guitar

(from Yolanda Adams)

Julie Rogers - violin

(from Hundreds of Motion Picture Soundtracks)

Anna Choi - flute

(from Tokyo Symphony)

  • The My Love Chamber Orchestra

  • Mix and Mastering by Hiroto Kobayashi

  • Westlake Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA

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